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Sleep with One Eye Open: Shadow
Beau Johnston

Life has never been fair, but the Zombie Apocalypse ensures the odds are always tipped in the Grim Reaper’s favour. John fought alone, fought hard and won against a cunning and vicious enemy. Life was supposed to reward him for his courage and tenacity. Unfortunately, reports of his skirmishes have come to the attention of a new enemy. The home he fought so hard to defend is no longer safe. Hordes of zombies pour in from the south as well-armed enemies lurk in the shadows. Join John and his family in the latest chapter of their struggle to survive a nightmarish world of never-ending fear, hunger and death.


February 6, 2014978-0994427649


Since his mid-teens, Beau has studied a variety of martial arts and self-defence styles. Driven by his dark imagination and the ability to phrase things in a way that people instantly understand, writing provided Beau with an opportunity to entertain as well as educate. Combining his life-long interest in horror stories with his experience in self-defence he was inspired to write his first novel Sleep With One Eye Open, in 2014. Beau lives on the east coast of Australia, where he is currently working on his fourth book, a collection of short stories. Beau’s other interests include archery, kayaking, wargaming, and listening to music.

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