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laymen’s guide to the universe
Michael Harris

Michael Harris is a decorated veteran of the Viet Nam War. In the seventies he joined the aerospace industry as a systems analyst and was instrumental in developing several successful solid state rocket fuels still in use today. Since his early teens he has had a love of space and space exploration and has never been satisfied with the broad brush science uses to explain both the creation and the workings of the universe. He writes, “Every scientist needs to begin every lecture by admitting they work in a world of conjecture, hypothesis and supposition, and there are no finite equations to explain our actual creation. That would be the honest thing to do. But ego seems to get in the way, and they –the scientific community—are rarely humbled.”

The Layman’s Guide to the Universe lays out a wonderful adventure for the mind, so that all of us may form our own opinion of how things work without having to rely on intellectually guarded conjecture. After you’ve read it, you’ll have your own opinion, created by you, for you, and be able to defend it against all comers.

Sharon Locke

Sharon Locke is a talented writer and columnist who has worked in the University of California system for the past twenty years. Her new novel, Banished, closely recounts actual events that happened in a commune located in the Arizona desert, wherein residents who fell out of favor with their leaders were cast out into the wilderness to never be seen again.

This fictionalized version is so graphically real that you will feel the anguish and the terror of finding yourself, one day content and happy, and seemingly surrounded by love, and the next, cast alone into a wilderness filled with deadly consequences.

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